Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My blog award

Thank you Swathi G. for passing me this award.I am really happy to have this award.


Rules :
  -Thank  the person who gave you the award
 - Put a link of her/his blog in your blog
- Put in your blog the logo of the award
- Give the award to 7 blogs with less than 50 members
- Put links to this blog
- Inform these people that they received the award
- Write 7 thing (facts) about yourself 

I am passing this award to these wonderful and creative people

7 facts about me:
1) I love to make paintings,craft,and quilled items.
2) Love traveling
3) I do not like cooking
4) I am lazy sometimes
5) I like yoga and try to play possible sports.
6) I love shopping.
7) Love to hangout with friends.

Vidushi Singh ,


  1. Thank you so much Vidushi so sweet of you to think of me

  2. thanks for the award so nice of you to share it with me. I also do not like cooking.