Monday, September 20, 2010

Diwali has started

Well  the actual festival is still a month away I have started the preparations by making this diwali card. I am planning to add more till such time you can practice making this yourself.

What is Diwali? try this link Diwali (the Indian festival of lights)

This one of the most basic cards that we can try our hands on. very good for starters.

How did I make it?
Step1: Asked my husband to make the card for me, no, not really he would not do that.
so he just helped me get the card of 5 X 6 inches.  Well another red strip that you see on the right is about an inch width cut from the hand-made paper available at the local craft store.

The strips that I have used are multi-colored and therefore we see the two tones in the card. The alternate way to get two tones is by joining the two shades of strips and then making the coil.

Step 2: Make very loose coils for making the base of the lamps (about 8" strip length should make a decent size as the top most one in my card). Now then shape them in the semi-circular fashion. Take some glue and stick the contoured coil to the area that you want to place the lamp on the card.

Step 3: Make a slightly tighter coil using the orange colored strip (about 5" strip length should be enough for the lamp size in step 2).  Shape it as the light and paste it above the lamp using some glue.

Step 4: Use a pen to garnish the lamps :)

Happy diwali, Fest starts now.

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