Saturday, September 18, 2010

My very first attempts at quilling

For me quilling started with an activity to pass time, suggested by a friend, while I travelled with my husband. He was traveling for work and I had a lot of spare time.
What started as  a time pass soon became a integral part of my daily routine. This is one of the reasons why I believe that quilling is a magical way. It lets you express in an unusual form and is very satisfying.

I am posting some of my early creations, few card that I made. Going forward I 'll post the cards with the idea's that created them and also the methods that I used so that you can try these at your place.

The Numero Uno

and the second

Let me know if you like it and then we'll get on to how to make these.

I am adding some more cards from my initial collection .In this one  i tried to use the sequel thing


  1. I'm very new to quilling, I just started learning it a couple months ago but I'm addicted. I think your first attempts are excellent.

  2. Thanks Ann.......i'm also a learner.And you are right quilling has some magic so that anyone(who's craft lover) can get addicted :)
    m looking forward to ur comments please be my follower:)

  3. Hey..Thanks Vidushi for participaitng and suvbmitting your lovely card for the challenge :)

  4. Hi Vidushi,it looks very creative to express your idea and dreams into reality...Keep it up.

    I am bound to see this once I had a glimpse at noon.
    Have a nice journey with quilling!

  5. Hey..I liked the sequel idea! Very nice cards..

  6. Thanks Piyu :) Hey i am waiting for your next challenge:)

  7. hey r really beautiful...u cn also try making some wall hangings wid dis...mayb something like hose wind chimes and u do one thing...make different coloured fishes...den hang dem wid fine threads or twine on different size sticks...n den connect deez sticks together wid same thread or twine...n den take care all d sticks shud b conected at different ratio of there lenghts...some at centre some a little to d end
    den ur ceiling hanging will b ready
    and it will keep on swinging due to it will seem ki fishes r moving!! good idea naa! Go ahead bhaabi...ur art rocks!! I'll come back and try wid u too!!

  8. Hey its amazing.. Thanks.. I've got some new ideas for quilling from you..:)